Scandinavian Alternative Music Awards, SAMA, came alive in 1998 at Karen in Gothenburg. Back then the name for this event was SEMA. It took place for the last time on April 6 2007. This site is dedicated to alternative music and the festival that is no more. As we love this type of music, we hope that in the future we will get to experience yet another SAMA event. For now, all we have to do is to be nostalgic about it.

Now a few words about SAMA. Since the very start of this yearly event, many of the greatest electronic acts has performed and numerous prizes has been awarded to outstanding creators of alternative and electronic music.  Great audience made SAMA an unforgettable experience! 

A couple of the most striking memories are Fad Gadgets great show in 2002, just shortly before he past away, the world premiere of Client playing live with Andy Fletcher as DJ, and the last live gig ever with Page in 2000, and… the list goes on and on. The team behind the stage has done so much work, often without payment; Tobbe, Tony, Jorgen, Petter, Jon, Bosse, Kristofer, Alexander, Staffan, Linda, Mattias, Angelica, Andy. The fans of SAMA still remember you and hope that you can do a comeback in the future, when it is time for new Scandinavian Alternative Music Awards. Who knows, maybe we will do just like David Lynch with Twin Peaks and make a new SAMA in 2032 – 25 years after the last one. Or maybe we will just sit at home and play at online casinon utan Spelpaus until we drop. You never know.

Below you will find the list of the artists who won and/or performed at Scandinavian Alternative Music Awards – from the very first year 1998 to the last SAMA ever 2007.

SAMA 2007 – Line-UP 

  • Cement
  • Client (UK)
  • Combichrist (NO)
  • John Foxx (UK)
  • Menticide
  • Northborne (NO)
  • Reaper (CH)
  • S.P.O.C.K (VU)

SAMA 2006 – April 14th 2006

  • MC Alexander Hofman
  • Best newcomer THERMOSTATIC
  • Best club/festival ARVIKAFESTIVALEN
  • Best song COLONY 5 “Plastic World”
  • Best album APOPTYGMA BERZERK “You and Me Against the World”
  • Best artist ALICE IN VIDEOLAND
On stage Das Ich (DE), De/Vision (DE), Iris (US), Seize (UK), Spetsnaz, Strasse, Sturm Café, VNV Nation (UK)

SAMA 2005 – May 13th 2005

  • MC Jon Josefsson, editor-in-chief Zero Music Magazine
  • Best newcomer LOWE
  • Best club/festival ARVIKAFESTIVALEN
  • Best song SLAGSMÅLSKLUBBEN “His morning promenade”
  • Best album UNIVERSAL POPLAB “Universal Poplab”
On stage 
Colony 5 (SE), Covenant (SE), Dupont (SE), Fixmer/McCarthy (FR/UK), Howard Jones (UK), Lowe (SE), Melotron (DE), Necro Facility (SE), Saft (SE), Stisch (SE), Strip
    Music (SE), Top Gun (SE)

SAMA 2004 – April 2nd 2004

  • MC Jon Josefsson, editor-in-chief Zero Music Magazine
  • Best newcomer ALICE IN VIDEOLAND
  • Best song THE KNIFE “Heartbeats”
  • Best album STATEMACHINE “Short and explosive”
  • Best artist STATEMACHINE
On stage 
Alice In Videoland (SE), And One (DE), Backlash (SE), Bodies Without Organs (SE), Interlace (SE), Mesh (UK), Mr Jones Machine (SE), Panzerveps (NO), Severe Illusion (SE), Slagsmålsklubben (SE), Sophie Rimheden (SE), Suicide Commando (BE), Univaque (UK)

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SAMA 2003 – April 5th 2003

  • MC Jon Josefsson, editor-in-chief Zero Music Magazine
  • Best newcomer MELODY CLUB
  • Best song MELODY CLUB “Electric”
  • Best album COVENANT “Northern light”
On stage 
Andreas Tilliander (SE), Client (UK), Colony 5 (SE), Covenant (SE), Michigan (SE), Paris (SE), Spetsnaz (SE), Tarmvred (SE), Tyskarna Från Lund (SE), Universal Poplab (SE), VNV Nation (UK), Welle:Erdball (DE)

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SAMA 2002 – March 30th 2002

  • MC Jon Josefsson, editor-in-chief Zero Music Magazine
  • Best newcomer RUN LEVEL ZERO
  • Best song YVONNE “Bad dream”
  • Best artist S.P.O.C.K
On stage 
Apoptygma Berzerk (NO), DDR (SE), Deathstars (SE), Echo Image (NO), Elegant Machinery (SE), Fad Gadget (UK), Fancy Fashion (SE), Hocico (MX), Mr Data (SE), Run Level Zero (SE), Sissy Prozac (SE), Statemachine (SE), Tyskarna Från Lund (SE),
XPQ-21 (AT)

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SAMA 2001 – March 3rd 2001

  • MC Eddie Bengtsson of Sista Mannen På Jorden
  • Best newcomer SADOVAJA
  • Best live act PLUXUS
  • Best song THE APRIL TEARS “Model, actress, whatever”
  • Best album COVENANT “United states of mind”
  • Best artist TEDDYBEARS STHLM
On stage 
Aaron Sutcliffe (SE), Animals In Jungles (SE), April Tears (SE), Funker Vogt (DE), Lustans Lakejer (SE), Neuroticfish (DE), Nightclub (SE), Plastic Planet (SE), Pluxus (SE), Project Grudge (SE), Sadovaja (SE), Second Decay (DE), S.P.O.C.K (SE), Yvonne (SE), Zeromancer (NO)

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SAMA 2000 – April 1st 2000

  • MC Johan Kinde of Lustans Lakejer
  • Best newcomer VENUS OUTBACK
  • Best live act S.P.O.C.K
  • Best song COVENANT “Tour de force”
  • Best album S.P.O.C.K “S.P.O.C.K: 1999”
  • Best artist SAFT
On stage 
Apoptygma Berzerk (NO), Cat Rapes Dog (SE), Covenant (SE), Dupont (SE), Fidget (SE), Melotron (DE), Mesh (UK), Mobile Homes (SE), PAF (SE), Saft (SE), Sista Mannen På Jorden (SE), Volvo 242 (SE), Welle:Erdball (DE)

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SAMA 1999 – April 3rd 1999

  • MC Marina Schiptjenko of Vacuum
  • Best newcomer SISTA MANNEN PÅ JORDEN
  • Best live act COVENANT
  • Best song SAFT “Ditt namn i min mun”
  • Best album COVENANT “Europa”
  • Best artist COVENANT
On stage Aaron Sutcliffe (SE), And One (DE), DAF/DOS (DE),
Dawn Of Oblivion (SE), Funhouse (SE), Headtrip Inc (SE), Institut (SE), Kiethevez (SE), Mist Of Avalon (SE), Nasa (SE), P:Shunt (SE), S.P.O.C.K (SE), Statemachine (SE), Wärk (SE)

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SAMA 1998 – April 4th 1998

  • MC Alexander Hofman of S.P.O.C.K
  • Best newcomer ENCOUNTER
  • Best live act ELEGANT MACHINERY
  • Best song SAFT “Underbar”
  • Best album S.P.O.C.K “Assignment: Earth”
  • Best artist COVENANT
On stage Cat Rapes Dog (SE), Covenant (SE), Dresscode (SE), FKK Jugend (SE), In The Nursery (UK), Komputer (UK), Lazer Stefanz (SE), Project-X (SE), Saft (SE), Sista Mannen På Jorden (SE), Vacuum (SE)

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